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Maintenance today, some expected downtime

We're planning on doing some database maintenance today, and LiveJournal will be down during this maintenance. The maintenance is scheduled to begin at 12:00 PDT (click to see other timezones) and is expected to last approximately 15 minutes.

You can keep an eye on the LiveJournal Status Page to see when we're back, but we'll also be posting to LiveJournal's Facebook page and LiveJournal's Twitter account to let you know when we're back and to provide any additional updates if we go beyond our planned maintenance window.

[Edit] We're back up again! Thank you for your patience.

Photohosting system maintenance

We will be preforming some emergency maintenance on our photo hosting system this afternoon @ 3:30PM PST. This maintenance window is planned to last around 15 minutes.

There is a possibility that new uploads may encounter delays or time out. Existing photos will remain unaffected.

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Intermittent issues/database maintenance

Hi All,

Today intermittent code errors like "Can't call method "selectrow_hashref" were displayed as our application timed out to certain databases. This did not affect any data or cause any permanent issues -- it's just the result of a regular maintenance tool that wasn't running properly.

As of now, everything should be back to normal. We like to thank everyone for your patience, as well as for writing in reports of the site accessibility issues.

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Site access issues

There was a problem earlier which prevented some people from being able to reach the site. We've made some temporary changes to address this, and everyone who was unable to load the site should be able to now.

What happened?

LiveJournal uses multiple providers to determine how to route traffic from the Internet to our data center. One of those providers went down, which meant anyone who was being routed through this provider couldn't reach LiveJournal. We've temporarily stopped routing any traffic through this provider until they've fixed the problem. Whenever things are back to normal on their end, we'll start routing traffic through them again.

We don't expect there to be any further accessibility issues from this, but if you find yourself unable to reach the site over the next few hours, please send an email to webmaster@livejournal.com and let us know.
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Network maintenance today

Hello LiveJournal users!

In about 40 minutes (1:00 PM Pacific Time), we are going to make system changes. This may disrupt service for some users for only a few seconds. We do not anticipate more than 1 minute of downtime due to this maintenance.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Warm regards,
David Newhall
LiveJournal, Inc.

Site Availability Issues

Hi Everyone,

This afternoon we experienced a technical failure of our Memcached system. Memcached encountered some hardware failures in just the right places (Murphy's Law), which caused issues with some related internal systems and a cascade effect that affected site availability. 

Fortunately, we managed to come up with a permanent solution and everything is back up again. Memcached only affects temporary cached data, so no user data was lost or corrupted in any way.

In addition to dealing with these issues, our engineers are working with us to eliminate the few, extremely unlikely points of failure that we managed to encounter today. Better quality "downtime" pages and status updates are now a priority, and I apologize we didn't have something for this situation, as failures on this level are highly unexpected.

Thanks for your patience,
Andreas - LJ Operations

PayPal Availability & Maintenance Notification

PayPal has informed us they will be performing site maintenance on April 19, between 9:00PM PDT and 11PM PDT. This means it is possible that PayPal payments attempted during this maintenance window may fail, even though we queue PayPal orders here at LiveJournal.

Therefore, you may wish to make any PayPal payments either before or after the maintenance window.

Thanks everyone,
Andreas - LJ Ops.
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Site Maintenance

We're going to be doing some general site maintenance today, beginning at 4:00 P.M. PST (Convert this to your time here). We'll edit this post to let you when the maintenance is complete, and will post any other updates as needed to our Status Page.

[edit] And we're done!
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Site status

The LiveJournal team is aware that some users may experience occasional difficulties with accessing the service. Unfortunately, the website has been under a DDoS attack for the last 18 hours. We are glad to say that despite the severity of the attack, we have been successful in dealing with it. Since previous attacks, we have increased our system capabilities, so for many users this has gone unnoticed or caused only minor, temporary issues. We are still dealing with this, and our system administrators will continue to closely monitor the site and work to resolve any problems which occur over the weekend. Thank you for your patience and we will keep you posted.