Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Brad Fitzpatrick

archive paranoia

So apparently there's this rumor going around that's making people run for the hills and archive their accounts, effectively killing the one remaining database cluster (Chef) that's not InnoDB yet.

So there are two fixes that make the site work:

1) make free users on Chef read-only, to eliminate read/write lockiness in non-concurrent MyISAM tables.

2) block the backup clients for people on the Chef cluster, and resume read/write access to all users.

For now I've gone with #1, since I have to run to dinner because I'm starving and I need the site to work.

Perhaps later we'll do #2 for a couple hours while we rush a migration of all those users on Chef to InnoDB database clusters.

But this is just a warning that we'll only be shutting down the archiver access later for that one cluster (like 7% of users?) and just until we finish migrating people to better hardware.

But for now, sorry free users on Chef.... for the good of the many? :-/

It was the best I could do for now....

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