Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Whenever LiveJournal's off the net or slow, be sure to check out the off-site status report: (dot ORG, not COM)

Of note, the past few hours we put up:
Many users are experiencing difficulty accessing the site right now, due to a flood of malicious traffic. Please note: it's not "hackers" taking us down. If hackers were people who hotwired cars to steal them, these people are just punks slashing tires with shiny knives they didn't even make. We're working with a number of people to get this stopped, including the FBI. We're very sorry for the inconvenience.
Let's hope the government catches this particular idiot. Probably not, though. And he'll probably be back, because he has no friends.

In any case, we're making changes to be able to absorb even larger attacks. The idea is to live through attacks (which are frequent, sadly) while you trace them in the background, and filter them out, working upstream to upstream. (The internet infrastructure really sucks.)

One thing you can do to help is not run Windows. There's a good chance a number of you Windows users were helping attack us tonight. These vandals are controlling "zombies" running on your machines without you knowing it, and they then use those zombies (your computers) to attack whoever they're controlled to.

If you have to run Windows, at least install a firewall and run AdAware and run anti-virus stuff and clean your computer night and day. Don't use Internet Explorer or Outlook, which have terrible security records. Try out Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. Firefox in particular is really nice.

I'm not trying to advocate switching to Mac OS X or Linux, I'm just saying Windows seems to invite viruses and trojans, and it's annoying from my perspective, so take care of your computers for the sake of the entire broken internet.

(The internet's broken because it allows spoofed src address packets to go so far... just like email's broken....)

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