Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Brad Fitzpatrick

site slow

Sorry all... site's slow. :-(

It's not from me doing work earlier. It's been slow the past few Sunday nights because that's our peak point of the week (people ending their weekend in the US, and people in Europe/Russia getting into work on Monday bored)

There are two main reasons something can be slow:

-- not enough CPU (your Pentium or AMD or G5 or whatever is over-worked)

-- disks not fast enough (like you open a program and hear the harddrive grinding away for a few seconds)

Our current problem is not enough CPU ("CPU-bound") as opposed to the latter, "IO-bound".

Anyway, we ordered 8 new webservers, which should all be able to do more than our current fastest machines (which do 134,000 requests/hour). In the last hour we did 2.8M requests, while we were limited by CPU. So 8 new guys helping out should bring our capacity up at least another 1,072,000 requests/hour, but probably quite a bit more. That's some good breathing room for now.

Lisa's on vacation for the next couple days, but then we can start installing the new servers, assuming they're ready then.

We also go on crazy profiling/optimization binges whenever this happens, but we've kinda tuned everything we can for now. I have a few more ideas, but they're not things that can happen before the new servers come in.

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