Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Status Update

Time for the periodic status update! So, here's what's up....

We've been getting a lot of email from people lately (especially paid users) complaining how poor the service has been. We're truly sorry. It is getting better, though, it's just difficult to explain to people without getting too technical. If you don't feel like paying anymore, don't. Keep using the site as a free user and when you feel like we're reliably fast enough, consider paying again. We don't want your money unless you're a happy customer. Make us earn your happiness and your money.

We're doing a lot of cool stuff to get the site consistently fast and reliable.

Short version:
-- today was pretty fast, as enough Ribeye traffic is now moved over to Chef. (Ribeye was overloaded and we noticed way too late)

-- we're doing work on userpics late tonight, so they may be slow to load for a while. it may also impact general site speed, but not for long.

Long version:
Warning: technical....Collapse )

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