Lisa Phillips (lisa) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Lisa Phillips

Update on site performance

Over the last couple of weeks we have been making some large changes in code, hardware and general infrastructure of the site. This has resulted in some times outside of the maintenance window when the site has been unresponsive or performing at a lower level than usual for non-peak hour usage.

The largest change has been the introduction of a caching daemon - memcache - that has been showing remarkable success in hit rates, significantly lessening the load on the database servers.

However, as it is new, we have been working out some bugs that have resulted in some downtime.

As we continue to work on this, as well as other hardware upgrades and more database moves, we feel confident the site will be much faster and more reliable.

There may continue to be times outside of the maintenance window where the site is slower than normal or unresponsive as we perform the upgrades. We will update here and/or at as we can.

We really want to thank all of you for your past and continued patience.

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