Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Brad Fitzpatrick

New code

A bunch of new code is going live. You’ll likely see errors for a few seconds between the time the code is pushed onto the file servers and the servers start using the new code.

Then, there may be errors after that, but Whitaker and I will be around to watch things and fix anything that comes up.

In other news, we found that our load balancer decided to switch into half duplex mode after an upgrade recently.... Try to imagine two people talking: one on a land line, and one on a walkie-talkie... but the land line person doesn’t know the other person’s on a walkie-talkie, and the walkie-talkie guy doesn’t know he has to say things like “10-4” and stuff.... Now, imagine millions of people doing that, nobody knowing when they can talk or who’s saying what when. It was kinda like that. But it’s fixed now. Nobody has to say “10-4” anymore. Networking performance much improved.

In yet other news, a lot of fun stuff is going on, systems-wise. We’re making some radical changes (part of the new code tonight) which will be leading to some awesome performance, once we get it all in place and flip the switch.

We’ve known for a while what our main bottlenecks are but the solutions haven’t been easy. Lately, the solutions became really obvious and I’m hitting myself for not thinking of them earlier. In short, we’ll be utilizing much, much more of our available resources soon instead of artificially limiting things left and right for different reasons. (I suppose a more technical write-up is in order.... I’ll link it from here or news later.)

So, as always, I’m terribly sorry the site hasn’t been fast during busy hours, but I won’t feel happy/unstressed/satisfied until it is, and I’m excited that it’s so close and so easy, so have a little more patience and we’ll get there.

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