dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_maintenance,

Paid service hiccup, and general service hiccups.


Over the last few days, there have been very large delays between when someone makes a post or a change, and when it actually shows up on the site. Today, the paid service actually got significantly further behind than the free service.

There was an option we were using which made the write load on all of the slaves much, much lower, but then it made the DBs take a long time to shut down or restart. We temporarily disabled this during the power outage (I believe) while we fixed things, and did not remember to turn it back on.

Tonight, I finally did for the paid service. Now that the paid servers are caught up, I'll be working on re-enabling this option on all of the free slaves. Things (should) be at least somewhat better now, we apologize for the crappyness.

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