Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Evan Martin


I'm reporting live from InterNAP where our dedicated LiveJournal crew is busily setting up some of our new equipment. (I'm pretty useless, aren't I?)

In the true spirit of LiveJournalling, the plan is to keep you updated with our install as it happens. If you're knowledgable about this sort if thing, you may want to stop reading here, 'cause we're amateurs.
I think it's kinda cute, but Alex (my brother!) has been rolling his eyes each time someone shrugs and says, "I dunno!"


Mostly, so far, screws have been our major problem.
bradfitz is singing and directing, with advice from Alex.
eli and erik are rackmounting sheila and gerald, our new paid web servers.
patrick has been swapping wires from our old switch (24 ports) to our new one (48 ports).

dormando helpfully shut down kenny remotely. It took a long time.
I recompiled a kernel while we waited.
Brad is hungry and wants pizza.
Erik says, "Dedicated LiveJournal crew, nothin'; I'm just in it for the free food and women!"

Difficulties mounting the brackets for the disk array.
Time for a snack break.

Back from dinner. Brad is dealing with some issue with parking.
Erik managed to get the bracket working, and Eli put in the new disk array (mmm, eight 36gb 10000 rpm SCSI drives). I humped it.
nemo came by for a surprise visit!

I found screws for the new switch!
The new database server is installed. It's HEAVY.
marklar rests on top of it.
I have to go, Brad wants the computer. :(

Done, finally. Alan did some last-minute fixes.
I was planning to spend some Quality Time with my girlfriend tonight. :(
Maybe some other day.

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