January 28th, 2010

  • mhwest

Application Maintenance / Upgrades...

Hey fellow LJers,

First, I, mhwest, wanted to take a brief moment to remind you that tomorrow, Friday, January 29, 2010 we will be performing some upgrades to our MogileFS installation. We believe that the user impact will be less than noticeable, but we did want to remind you all that this was going to happen, we announced it in our previous posts that this was going to occur. Fortunately LJ should still be up and running while this upgrade occurs, and we hope that it goes pretty much unnoticed.

Second thing, is that dwell has been working on troubleshooting our Asterisk installation so we can get rid of the pesky 1 minute cut off with International VoicePosts... He will be doing some maintenance on the two nodes tomorrow so there may be some times where calls are answered with a busy signal. We of course will not leave the service in this state, but please be aware, there may be some times of inability to properly leave a voice post.

** This has yet to start occurring, it won't occur until 01/29/10 between 9am PST and 5PM PST **

Thanks and happy LJing...