January 4th, 2005

new load balancers!

A couple months ago we upgraded LiveJournal's connections to the net from 100 Mbps to 1000 mbps, as well as our internal network, but we haven't yet upgraded our load balancer, and it's been choking the past week as our bandwidth continues to increase.

So tonight we do the big switch to the new much-beefier load balancers.... hopefully it'll be a few second blip of service while we flip a switch and you won't notice, but who knows.... that's why we do it at night, on-site, and ready to fail back to the old load balancers if there's a config problem.

We'll start around sometime around midnight, US/Pacific time (in like 45-65 minutes....), and we'll post again when we're done.

technical details: The old load balancers had gigabit ports, but they weren't rated at full gigabit capacity... at a certain point the interrupt rate just killed them.