Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Behave... please?

This post isn't about LiveJournal maintenance at all.... It's about being nice. Sometimes I don't feel like posting to lj_maintenance just because I know a flamefest will ensue, like it always does.

Paid members, please don't complain about free users.

And everybody, just don't fight... there's no reason to. It only increases everybody's stress. It's easy to bitch thinking that nobody will respond personally to your comment so you're talking to nobody and that somehow gives you a right to be a dick, but people actually read your stuff.

I've seen far too often somebody complain, being incredibly rude, then somebody reply very nicely, and the original poster feels guilty and apologizes.

So I encourage everybody to not only be nice in the first place, but also be nice to people that aren't. Rather than calling them a moron, explain calmly your answer.

The alternative is I could just disable comments on all lj_maintenance posts, but how fun is that?

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