December 1st, 2004

Madcow free users read-only

If you're on the Madcow cluster (Where am I?) and are a free user, your journal will be read-only for a bit while we finish some work.

(We had to reduce I/O, so letting the paid users do updates while making free users read-only reduces I/O to the point where we can do our work and still keep the site usable....)

We're mostly finished converting the site over to the new databases, but Madcow, Tenderloin, and Ribeye aren't yet converted. I'll write about it more later....

Finishing up madcow work...

We're finishing up work on upgrading the Madcow cluster. If you're on it (Where am I?) then your journal will be unavailable for a bit while we do a switch.

I'll post again when we're done.

(and sorry for the bad timing if you're in the US ... our schedules don't permit us to do this work during the United States' night this week.....)

*sigh* ... finished

Sorry Madcowers, that took entirely way too long.

I'll post some more details in lj_backend in the next couple days about our database migration. If you're curious, add that community to your friends list.