June 25th, 2004

goofy, retards, happy


As we announced on Wednesday, the site slowness is due to internal network problems. lisa is on vacation, but brett (our new sysadmin) and bradfitz are in Seattle with the servers, and they spent yesterday working on making the necessary changes to fix the problem.

Once we addressed those problems, though, we discovered an issue with our internal load balancer, which is the program that sends web queries to the proper servers. That's where we are right now -- we're working on trying to fix the issues with the load balancer, which will make the site respond faster (and stop the errors that some people are reporting in accessing pages).

Thank you for all of your patience over the past few days of trouble. We have long-term strategies to improve all of these bottlenecks, but this week is just a case of a few things happening at once and combining to make the problems worse. We're working on improving things in both the short term and the long term.