May 19th, 2004

Ribeye read-only

Lisa encountered a problem during regular backups. She's off to sleep now, and I'm tagging in. Will need a bit of time to fix it.

Users on the Ribeye cluster will be in read-only mode.

Update: Make that invisible. Read-only mode was too slow.
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  • lisa

When it rains it pours

We've had a number of events occur lately that has led to downtime for journals and general slowness for the site. We wanted to take a moment to discuss a couple of the problems, and to let you know we're doing everything we can to fix these issues with the least amount of impact on you.

The short/less geek story is we've run into some pretty major issues with a specific piece of hardware we have in several of our database servers, and we're replacing them all as soon as we can.

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Its never our intention for users to experience any downtime. We've worked hard over the last year to make our site architecture as redundant as possible so we can have unexpected failures without impacting the site. Whenever we are dealing with that kind of situation, keeping the site up and your journals available is our highest priority.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience this has provided. We're working on these issues around the clock and will continue to keep you updated.