May 13th, 2004

Porkchop readonly

Remember the maintenance I tried to do this weekend on the Porkchop cluster? Yeah, umm.... I messed it up.

I was in a rush because I had guests from out of town and wasn't thinking straight. So anyway, I stopped it when I realized I messed up and decided to do it later.

But then last night, we lost 1 of 6 disks in Pork's brother, Chop, and now getting Pork up and running is entirely more critical, just to be paranoid.

(We're getting Pork replaced by the vendor because it's losing disks faster than any other machine and we can't figure out why....)

So people on Porkchop will be read-only for a bit (Where am I?) while we get Pork back in sync.

No worries, though: this is why we have extra machines, lots of spare disks, and lots of backups. Things will work out fine.
  • lisa

Update on Porkchop

We're finished with the work on Porkchop for now, but we will need to do more work later tonight when the site is less busy. We'll start after 10pm PDT, and some users will be read-only for 10-20 minutes while we're working.

New hardware is coming to replace our existing hardware on Monday. The work we're doing tonight is in part to prepare so we don't have to take any journals offline when we get the new hardware next week.

Thank you for your patience.