January 5th, 2004

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  • jproulx


The site has been sluggish at times during the past few days, due to our master database running slower than expected. Though the site is still usable, we've prepared a newer, faster master database server that's now standing by.

Late tomorrow night (PST) we plan to swap the servers, which will cause some brief downtime. We'll have more details to post tomorrow afternoon and evening.

We apologize for the lag, but we know exactly what the problem is and it will be fixed soon.
  • lisa

Global database work

We're finishing our long-awaited global database cluster upgrade tonight. We've been preparing over the last week and are about to complete the final step. This may cause site unresponsiveness, but afterward there should be noticeable improvement. We were planning on doing this later tonight, but the site is slow now and we're eager to fix. We'll finish as quickly as possible and update when complete.

Update:This work is complete. We'll be taking the old global master database and upgrading its hardware this week. We're also upgrading hardware in all of our other older database masters, one at a time, and will announce any work that will affect site performance. Most of them we'll be able to do without impacting the site. For technical discussion of all the details, see the lj_backend post here.