October 28th, 2003

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  • jproulx

Bug reports

Errors related to friends groups being case sensitive as well as some other smaller bugs have been fixed, and should be live on the site now. We're still taking reports on other errors that might pop up, so if you encounter any, please let us know by commenting here (or the past entry).


The site was slow today, but we expected that. The problem is one of our database clusters (Ribeye) is massively overloaded and it's been getting worse daily. While it doesn't contain many more total users than other clusters, we let it be "new user cluster" for too long, and it's now overflowing with active users (2-3x any other cluster).

We just started moving a bunch of Ribeye's users to a new database cluster.

Many users on Ribeye (where am I?) will find their journal is read-only mode for the next couple hours. Paid users are excluded from being read-only, except while your actual journal is being moved. Everybody else (well, 20% of people on ribeye) are just in read-only to keep that machine faster while we do the moves, otherwise the moves would take too long. Things will speed up tonight, and the moves should fly.

Hopefully by tomorrow or tomorrow afternoon enough active users will be moved over that things will be more balanced out.

Everybody will go read-write in a couple hours, once load goes back to reasonable levels where the machines can keep up.