May 28th, 2003

A casual stroll through LiveJournal's backend...

I haven't been posting here enough lately, mostly because it gets embarassing and boring to repeatedly write: "Site's slow. We know. We're working on it."

Usually when things are slow, it's because of some big, known problem, and nobody has time to offer a good explanation that would make sense to the average reader except "Site's slow. We know. We're working on it.", which likely reads about the same to everybody as "We're stupid. We know. It'll be slow forever."

But it won't be slow forever. In fact, it's poised to become faster than ever... ridiculously fast, actually. I just haven't had time to explain what we're up to.

A good explanation is a technical explanation, but most people wouldn't understand it, so I'm going to try and write this starting generally and increasing in complexity. Maybe I'll throw in some lame analogies to make things more clear.

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