September 18th, 2001


Okay, 4 hours later, I think we're done.... only 3.5 hours longer than predicted.

When we brought the site back up it was just terribly slow. I attributed it to caches not filling up fast enough (which is always a problem) but it just didn't get faster... looked at the queries and they were huge, loading hundreds and hundreds of items. Anyway, fixed the bug and things started flying.

So now I'm going to sleep. If there are problems, report them to support.

A ton of central code changed... but for the better. 4 lines or so were deleted for every new line. Very clean now. But maybe I screwed something up in the process.



The new friends view code doesn't work quite right when you have friends that are posting stuff you can't see.... if they've posted enough stuff you can't see, it stops loading other friends' entries.

That'll be fixed, but first George and I are going to go make lunch.

all fixed, I think.

4 things changed:

-- friends views should be fixed now
-- backdating works again (if you had backdated an entry earlier and it didn't work, go edit it, and just hit save... it'll fix it)
-- be smarter and pull less from db when making friends pages
-- removed all the postevent hint logging from the old friends page code... removing that gives us another speedup.

Props to chuck for the hamburger. What a good housemate.

Friends pages

Yeah, still some bugs in friends views. avva outlined them to me in detail, but I'm going to bed. Tomorrow they'll get fixed probably.