September 17th, 2001

Upgrade Tonight

The site will be down tonight for probably a half hour while we alter some tables.

If all goes as expected, the change will speed things up considerably and fix a few of the existing known bugs regarding security on entries. We'll also be altering another table that should let us be able to bring back the comments received/posted page (you're old-school if you remember that page) and will also let slave dbs get old content cleaned from them faster.

More details later...

Down in 30 minutes

The site will be down in 30 minutes for probably 30 minutes. That's 12:30 am -- 1:00 am PDT (-0800 GMT). So GMT would be 8:30 am -- 9:00 am. My apologies to those of you in Europe who are just getting into work and are bored. You'll actually have to work this morning. :-)