July 31st, 2001

New DB server going online

I'm pausing [the replication on] one of the existing db servers for a minute while I do a final sync of its data to one of the new db servers, then we'll have another db server online. Tomorrow we'll install the other 3 servers. I just wanted to get at least one up tonight.

Update: done. made a lot of difference too. I can't wait until we get all the new hardware online. We're also rebuilding one of the existing database servers soon because it's performing terribly. (mysql on freebsd isn't that good it would seem...) so basically we'll be going from 2 good databases to 5 good databases. it's gonna be insanely fast.... we're finally going to have enough servers that if we need to take one down to work on it or it crashes, it won't matter... we'll have extra hardware to spare. that's comforting. my goal is 100% reliability .... we're not there yet (as you've seen) but we all continue to strive for it... it's a fun and interesting challenge.