Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Brad Fitzpatrick


First, an explanation about today's downtime: mod_backhand isn't working. But, the maintainer of it is logging in to the boxes and looking into why it's not working, so hopefully he'll get a fix out soon.

Right now Kenny is trying to do everything and Kyle, Stan, Wendy, and Bebe are all sitting there doing nothing. Quite pathetic. If we can't get backhand working soon then we'll go buy a commercial load balancer.

Tonight at midnight (PST), Evan and I are going downtown to upgrade both Kenny and Cartman.

This is an upgrade unrelated to the current problems. The cartman upgrade will make the database much faster (even though it isn't get slow yet ... we're being proactive for a change), and the new harddrives for Kenny are so we can have space for a replicated database to serve the directory from.

Please, stop emailing us complaining ... we're doing everything we can. If it pisses you off that it's down, try to imagine how frustrated we are. This is practically all we do ... when it's down, we're not happy.

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