Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Well f**k.

I've been on the phone with an engineer and a slew of other people at InterNAP for the past 5 hours. We've been trying to isolate why we're getting so many corrupted packets (hence the extreme slowness).

We moved everything around trying to figure what cable or component was bad but to no avail. However, the last thing we need to do is login to our Cisco switch but it seems telnet access to it is off now somehow. Evan was going to go in and turn it on, but I can't get ahold of him now and I'm in Portland.

So we're screwed.

I guess I'll wait for Evan but in the meantime there's not a damn thing I can do. This fucking sucks.

The people at InterNAP I've been working with are going home now but I'm supposed to page them if Evan shows up. Otherwise we'll resume in the morning hopefully with new ideas.

Grrrrrrr. I hate this crap. I had plans to go out tonight too.

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