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Quick downtime around 3pm PST

Hey all,

There will be a short (around 5 minutes or less) downtime near 3pm PST. The load balancer is being rebooted with some new software to help against the DDoS attacks.

Also, there is something I want to address... A lot of people have been pointing to that article at saying it'll help, or there's information on it, etc, etc.
Well, we appreciate those whom are trying to help, but there are several key differences between Steve Gibson's epic storytelling experience and ours.
First, there's the scale: In his document, he says he'd defending two T1s (3.14 megabits of bandwidth) and verio had a 100 megabit line from there. LJ has a 100 megabit connection to an OC3 (155 megabit), so we're dealing with more than 50x the amount of traffic he got.
Second, there is the actual attack. He says at several points in his article that if he were getting SYN flooded from spoofed addresses, he'd be screwed. Well, we're getting SYN flooded from spoofed addresses.
Third, there's the duration. The attacks against him lasted around eight to seventeen hours in length. This gave him plenty of time to analyze the attack and respond. The attacks against us only last five to ten minutes, which is barely enough time to respond to the attack, much less than the amount of time we need to manually trace where the packets are coming from.
and I'm done now.

[Update: ERr, yeah. The downtime was only 45 seconds, and was finished an hour and a half ago :) Enjoy.]

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