dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_maintenance,

LJ slowness/downness

Hey all,

Some people have been contacting me or expressing annoyance toward LiveJournal being very slow, or not available during random short periods of time in the last few days...

Well, it's not our servers! :) There has not been any significant maintenance, server downtimes, or database overloads in a few weeks.

We do still, however, have the Denial of Service attacks, and they're getting a bit worse. There have been two particularily bad ones in the last two days which lasted a lot longer than normal, and while not completely shutting out the site, made it slow for a while.
There is not terribly much we can do but wait until the attackers get bored, get a job, or go back to school, and the attacks do not last very long. So we ask you to just be patient, and return to the site in five or ten minutes if it's slow or not responding. We are trying to help assuage the problem though.

I would appreciate it if you guys could leave off the conspiracy theories this time :)

Also, if you are the attacker, or know the attacker, it would be very kind if you would e-mail us. You could e-mail me if you wanted to. We'd at least be interested a motive, so perhaps we could work something out.

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