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DDoS Botnet

As is obvious, we've been dealing with more DDoS issues. The latest attack has been focused on a single journal, in an obvious attempt to bait us into suspending it. If they were really upset about this journal, they would probably have more luck contacting abuse than attacking our service..

I have decided to post a map of the computers DDoS-ing us, and all the associated IP addresses are contained in the map. If you see yourself there, you might consider cleaning out your computer.

--> Large Map

Technically minded users will notice that we've started using a caching proxy to deliver content. We've had great success implementing open-source software like Varnish to upgrade our capacity and speed things up. While no single tool can stop a targeted DDoS, we will continue to use new tactics to fight them.

As usual, you can check our status and Support pages for information.  

Thanks for being awesome :)
~Andreas - LJ Ops
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