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Purging Suspended Accounts

Hello LiveJournal!

I'm going to take a few moments to explain the plan behind LiveJournal's recent announcement to purge suspended accounts. I know the initial announcement was a couple of months ago, but I assure you we are still moving forward with this. In fact, we halted all account purging while we modified our worker scripts to handle everything we need them to accomplish. The new modifications will actually allow us to purge not only deleted and suspended accounts, but inactive accounts as well, as announced in today's news post. This was not the only change put into the worker scripts; we also had to add logic that removed comments and community entries posted by accounts being purged. This was an important change, since many of the suspended accounts have inappropriate content in their comments and community entries. These changes have brought on several rounds of trial, error, testing and development. This testing has caused delays to our plan, but we are finally ready to move forward.

We have several thousand deleted accounts that need to be purged. Now that the script is ready and working properly, we have begun to purge these accounts. We anticipate this process to take as long as a week or two from today.

After the deleted accounts have been purged, we will begin to purge suspended accounts. This process will be put into place as an automated worker by no later than August. All accounts suspended longer than 6 months will become purged with no deletion period. The workers may take a couple weeks to chew through the entire list of accounts.

Once we can verify the worker is able to purge suspended accounts unattended, we will put the inactive-account-delete script in place. You can learn more about how this will work in today's news post.

Lastly, deleted accounts have historically had a period of up to 60 days to restore their account before being purged. This is changing to 30 days beginning now. This means any account deleted more than 30 days ago will be purged.
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