Matt (mhwest) wrote in lj_maintenance,

Minor Outage on Friday Night

Hello Everyone,

I just want to give everyone a heads up that we will be taking a minor outage Friday April 30th at 9PM PDT. This outage should last for roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour. We need to take this temporary downtime to implement some changes in our backend machines.

Thanks for understanding and using LJ...
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Thank you for warning.
I remember when LJ used to be regularly off the air part of every Friday for maintenance. Having to announce it as a special thing strikes me as a vast improvement on those days. How quickly people get used to "always on".

(Of course, 9PM PDT is 5AM my (British) time on Saturday morning, when I am (a) not very likely to be online and (b) I'll be away this weekend anyway, so as far as I'm concerned it's ideal. But whatever time you schedule it will affect someone and they'll complain...)
lol am I the only one worried about the ...
I use them all the time but that worries me to read "uhhh thanks for trying to use lj after around 10pm PDT tomorrow *shifty look*"
No, thank you for the head's up.

Though, yes, those ellipses at the end there...
Thanks for the heads up, but it would have been more meaningful for those outside the US, if you had used then generalised GMT time, as I have no idea what PDT is
The time link goes to a universal clock site.
I thought I was going through outages as of now, with the difficulty logging in as well as going to various journals/comms for the last couple of days. Will this planned downtime fix this?
Istina je negdje oko nas.Ja isto pravedan.Hvala na razumijevanje.Ne procitai text do kraja i dogodilo se.Sorry...
will this fix the issues communities are having? every now and they me and my friends are unable to comment in posts
I believe you mean to say that the comments you are leaving, don't appear right away, sometimes 15 minutes later. If you are, then stay tuned... If not then that issue is unknown to myself and perhaps you could explain a little more.

As for the ones that don't appear right away and they are in the range of 500 - 900 comments or around 10K in size, your comments stop showing up until memcached expunges its stored info and puts in the fresh values. We know what triggers this inside of the application and we have taken measures to make sure it can't be triggered. We've disabled the feature, so once our engineers have a moment to look at the code and better understand why it is behaving as such, they can fix it and we can re-enable it.

FYI without being to technical, we are enabling compression in memcached, which was enabled in the past but managed to get flipped off at some point. Right now when we turn it on, it is having some adverse effects on the desired outcome. Have no fear, your comments are making it too the databases, and I apologize for the confusion of not knowing / seeing if your comment is really there until 15 minutes later.


10 years ago

It is fynny :)

Suspended comment

Thaaaaanks for the heads up.

Suspended comment

Will this fix the lagging/disappearing notifs?
Um... maybe we could get a new update? There are nada notifications right now, neither in my inbox nor do I get any emails notifs. :( Something new happening right now we don't know yet?
I second this. I'm not getting any LJ email notifications. :(
Hello. Just today, I've started receiving duplicate emails of replies to entries. The replies are between one and three days old.
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