Matt (mhwest) wrote in lj_maintenance,

LJ Maintenance: Memcache Upgrade (16:00-24:00 UTC / April 28th and 29th)

Hello  LJ,

  ** Edit, had to push back a week due to shipping delays :( **

  Just wanted to give our users a heads up, that next week we will be performing work on our memcache tier. During this time, you may experience a little wait time while loading up journals and communities. We will be monitoring our website health and response times closely to ensure that our user experience is impacted as little as possible, however with maintenance work of this size, the possibilities of site slowness / intermittent downtime can increase.

These Upgrades will be performed on our servers during 16:00 - 24:00 UTC Apr 28st and 29nd.

We will be upgrading 1 machine at a time to minimize problems a user may experience.

Just a bit of FYI Backend Tech stuff... Currently our memcache tier is around 60GB, which we will be doubling to 120GB. By doing this, we hope to reduce the load on our db servers, as well as increase the response time of people fetching information that helps to display journals and communities. We will also be taking this time to upgrade our memcached client to be more resilient against single memcache server failures. All in all, these two changes to our memcache tier should help increase our users experience across our entire site.

Tags: memcache

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