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LJ Maintenance: Feb 4, 05:00 - 07:00 UTC/GMT SECONDED

We're 1 important step closer to our goal! Tomorrow we have to break the db replicating briefly, push new code, test it, then if it goes well we'll push it to production and enjoy a slightly snazzier LJ by night time. There won't be a separate lj_maintenance post for that work though as it should (hopefully) be transparent to us.

Remember to check just in case things don't go according to plan; we'll make sure we update that.


This isn't a repeat of our previous post, rather an update. I got tired of doing all that "EDIT1", "EDIT2" hoopla. New posts all around!

The main focus originally was to get the network fixed. That changed, we changed, *I've* changed. We're going to try the network changes but AFTER we try the database changes. The focus is trying to get the db changes in place for basically one community, one very large community, one very hyper community. And also to get my friend to stop IM'ing about it. :D

This means that there *will* be complete downtime on our website, probably an hour or more. The time window has stayed the same.

(I'm talking about databases, so I'm using the common terminology. No dirty or inappropriate allusions are being made here. I leave that for my personal journal. Huh huh huh.)

We've been running the alter statements on the slaves, then flipping the master/slave after replication is caught back up. We've still got 4 user clusters to finish before we flip them.

* Fix the database errors we got on user cluster 01 when we flipped it earlier today and OHNOTHEYDIDNT hummmm, "pre-released". Those were air quotes and I actually took my fingers off the keyboard to wiggle them in the air. Wiggle. We've been saying that today would be the day that they're back up and running 100% and we've had to slip on the date we've given them. But we're trying and we'll be trying through tonight.
* Run the alter statements on the global cluster master and all slaves, 'cept one. That one is special.
* Do the network stuff I've been planning since December of 2008.

We're going to try to stuff all 3 things in a maintenance period originally scheduled for just 1. But have no fear, mhwest and nicholaskurjan are actually IN Billings doing the work. I told them they can't come home until everything is fixed. They responded that they'd bring me back some good BBQ. Hugs and kisses abounded.


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