marta (marta) wrote in lj_maintenance,

Downtime Sunday, October 26th and Monday, October 27th

On Sunday and Monday of this week, LiveJournal experienced some downtime due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. This resulted in LiveJournal being inaccessible for about an hour each morning, followed by some short periods of slowness or brief inaccessibility directly after.

For the past 12 hours all services and loading times have returned to normal, and we will continue to gather additional information for the purposes of preventing and mitigating future attacks.

This downtime wasn't related to the scheduled downtime on Wednesday, or our upcoming move to a new data center next month.

We'll continue to update as soon as reasonably possible once our operations team confirms downtime or interruptions in service. We're currently working on improving the process so that updates there can be posted more quickly.

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