Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Stop fighting about the directory.

Paid users --- don't belittle free users.

Here's one comment I want to reply to and make sure everybody sees it:

LJ says it has this extensive function, but at least in the three months I�ve been around, I�ve only caught it working for maybe a week or ten days. That kind of uptime record makes me feel insecure about what else about LJ might break and then be gone for weeks at a time.
The reason the directory is down is because it's hard to do something that taxing on the servers in a quick enough amount of time that users don't start hitting reload in their browsers because the directory isn't behaving as fast as the rest of the site so they think it's broken. Then it still doesn't load so they hit it twice, then three times, then four times, and the meanwhile, other users of the site start to experience slowness because 4 heavy database queries are trying to run for the impatient user.

The directory being down isn't a sign that we're unreliable... it's not crashing or anything. It's just too slow. Would you rather have the whole site be slow and unusable or have the whole site be really fast (sans the directory).

I've recently setup two replicated database servers that will be able to both load balance the retrieval of text for journal entries and run the directory.

Basically, I just want everybody to chill. Stop fighting amongst yourselves and stop pestering me to get it back up. I know ... I miss the directory too. But I'm not going to put it up if it's going to make the whole site slow. It can work, but it requires other things to be done first. I'm making progress on those other things.


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