Lisa Phillips (lisa) wrote in lj_maintenance,
Lisa Phillips

Cookie changes known bugs

We are aware of and are working on resolution of the following issues since our cookie changes last night:

* Users of Internet Explorer for Mac OS 9 are unable to stay logged in. Additionally, some users of Netscape 4.7 and 7 being unable to stay logged in.

* You may receive an error "URL doesn't match journal owner" while trying to delete or screen a comment. You can try changing the url to of the journal you wish to delete a comment from until this is resolved.

* Sometimes while logged in, users receiving "cannot find server" errors when viewing their friends page, recent entries, or info, but can access other pages like Update. Users report that the page loads when they log out.

* Some users are receiving a "maximum redirect error" when accessing their journal.

Our support team is answering your requests as fast as possible and directing bug reports to our development team. We will update here as we identify and resolve these issues.

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