mferrell (mferrell) wrote in lj_maintenance,

Maintenance still in progress

We are still in the process of bringing User Cluster #9 back online, and it is unfortunately taking longer than we anticipated. We are making progress, but are still several hours away from this being fixed. To address a few common questions we are seeing:

How many user clusters are there?

There are 13 user clusters in total.

How can I find out what user cluster my account is on?

You can see which user cluster you are on at if you are logged-in. If you cannot login, your account is located on user cluster #9.

I am not on cluster 9, but still can't post or edit entries. What's happening?

Trying to update or edit posts may still fail even if you are not on user cluster #9. An Error 500 will appear when loading the update/edit journal page if you have posting access to a community which is located on this cluster. The update module at may still allow you to post while maintenance is ongoing.

I'm not getting notifications. Is this related?

Subscription notifications are not currently being sent as a result of this maintenance. You may still receive other types of emails, such as pingbacks and password notification emails, but will not receive notifications of new entries or comments being posted.

What other things aren't working right now?

Twitter digest posts are not currently being imported as a result of this maintenance. Some other pages & features may display errors if they need to access information located on user cluster #9. The inbox and community management pages are both known to be showing errors for people affected by this.

We will post again either when user cluster #9 is back online, or if we have any additional information to post. Thanks again for your patience while we work to fully restore service to the site.
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